Missing The Point

We weren't often in a jewelry store, especially one as fancy as this one was and, what we left with has been completely lost to time. What I do remember is what happened while my big brother was about to fill out the paperwork required. The salesman handed him a small order form in triplicate... Continue Reading →

Traditions Matter

I haven't seen bubbling colored drums, and colored candle shaped bubbling lights for Christmas trees in years, but those are the ones I remember having when I was small. Pop took them in the divorce and always decorated his tree with them. A few years ago I found them in a battered old packing box... Continue Reading →

Fruit Brick

Mom’s fruitcake was legendary or infamous depending on who you asked. It was about five and a half hefty pounds of candied fruit, currants, almonds, rum, and a little flour - substantial enough to use as a capstone, my brother and I called it "fruit brick." Mom absolutely loved making it. She’d start weeks ahead... Continue Reading →

Labor of Love

When I was a child, my mother attempted to teach me to knit. I was terrible at it; my projects turned out more like stiff boards than supple scarves. So the idea of learning to crochet seemed like insanity to me. However, I was determined to prove to myself that my brain could still learn... Continue Reading →

Mental Health:

When Depression Breaches Your Break Wall and Floods Your Fields. The holidays are both a happy and sad time for me. As a child, our holidays were usually riddles with tensions from my two warring parents - for years they couldn't be in the same room with each other without fighting and the holidays brought... Continue Reading →

So Close You Could Touch It

My husband called from the living room telling me he'd be right back while I was in the children's bedroom sitting on the floor. I heard the footsteps trotting briskly up the steps to the front door, the screen door slammed, and the hurried walker burst into the bedroom, breathless and flushed from the crisp... Continue Reading →

Silver Linings From The Swamp

I'm a look at the bright side kind of person, and can usually find the "half-full" aspect of any given situation. But even I have difficulty finding the silver linings from the swamp. You know what I mean; when life isn't just a puddle here and there, but a shoe-sucking wasteland of foul-smelling crap that... Continue Reading →

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