starting over

Starting Over… Again

Starting Over… Again

Did you ever feel like life was starting over and over… again? Maybe you changed your college major. Perhaps you switched professions. You might even be working on building a new or different business. Either way – you have to start over.


Blueprints And Blue Bottles

I hate flies. My husband and I have that in common. If an errant fly gets in the house, we can’t rest until it has been vanquished by swatter, hand towel whip, or agile cat. Blue bottles are those giant flies that always seem to find a way to the inside of your screen and stay there ’till they die. So what do Blueprints and Blue Bottles have in common?

fly - blue bottle

An Analogy

“Don’t be the fly!” It’s one of the most oft-repeated phrases in our home. The image is a man beating a drum, moving and grooving to his own beat. A fly is pitched on the drum just watching. Don’t be the fly – be the drummer. That’s the message.

Don’t be a spectator in your life – make the beat.

When starting over, sometimes we think there is no blueprint, but there is. You may not know the exact steps to take. You may have to acquire a new skill set. But, the blueprint is there – don’t pitch – DRUM!

Be The Drummer

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