The Survival Paradox

The Survival Paradox

The Survival Paradox

Surviving is good, right? I mean, we all want to survive difficult situations, emergencies, events. But what happens when there are more than one or two events you need to survive? What happens when it seems your life is one crisis after another? When does survival mode become a problem and no longer a solution? A survival paradox occurs when your mind and body no longer need to be in survival mode, yet you find you can’t come out of it. Instead of helping you – it is now holding you back.


Sneaky Symptoms

How can you tell if you are functioning in survival mode? You may be having difficulty Focusing, Exhaustion plagues you, trouble with Memory, you’re forgetting Basics like changing sheets or brushing your teeth, you’re more Reactionary, and Impulsive like eating or drinking too much. (F.E.M.B.R.I.) These symptoms can all be attributed to being a little overworked, or stressed or “having a lot on your plate.” But, if you find that this is how you have been functioning for some time – you may want to take a closer look.

Sneaky Symptoms

When Surviving Isn’t Enough

Moving past survival mode is critical if you want to thrive. Things were hard, you’ve survived but now what do you do? You can’t stay in survival mode – that’s unhealthy. First, take stock of you. How do you you feel? What’s going on? Then:

Acknowlege – that you’re still acting in crisis mode.

Care for your self – relax, destress, detox, do something you love.

Ask for help – utilizing our support systems is key to thriving

Plan – make a plan of action – a new schedule- a system reset

Move- movement is life. Exercise daily – it doesn’t have to be the gym, it could be a walk, a swim or dancing to your favorite songs.

O.K. – remember you’re O.K. – be gently and kind with yourself – forgive yourself when you don’t get everything perfect. Your self talk is what you hear most often – be encouraging.


Self care

Too Long At The Party

Mom always told me to leave the party while it’s still good. I’ve found that to be sage advice in so many ways and it works here too. Survival mode is critical … for survival – but once the threat has passed, living in survival mode can actually hinder your progress.

It’s time to move on.

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