Movement Is LIfe!!

Do It Now!

Do It Now!

I love rabbit holes and learning new things. So a week or so ago, I took a training to learn something new. I did learn some valuable lessons, but the message that stuck with me the most was, “Do It Now!” It doesn’t sound like much of a lesson. And, to be sure, it isn’t technical. It is, however, highly effective for getting things done, taking risks, and moving forward.

Stuck Is A Mentality

Stuck Is A Mentality

Sometimes we get stuck in a holding pattern. We are busy being busy but not accomplishing anything. Perhaps we push it off because other things need to take precedence a the moment. Maybe, we feel bound by some arbitrary order that we think we must maintain before jumping in. Still, other times, we’re just stalling. We know there is a choice to make, a decision that needs to happen, an action that will move us out of where we are stuck, but we are afraid that we aren’t ready for the movement or that the movement may not go in the direction we want, or we are simply scared of the unknown.

Do It Now

Movement Is Life

I’ve talked about this concept before. For anyone who has ever watched a zombie movie, post-apocalyptic show, or military film – the message is always clear – movement is life. Ask Jason Bourne – staying in the same place can be detrimental to your health. This is where the lesson comes in. Do it now was the mantra of some billionaire industrialists. He would say the phrase to himself 100 times daily and ensure that everyone working for him did the same. It turns out that successful people act quickly and decisively and change their minds slowly, while unsuccessful people make up their minds slowly and change them quickly.

Movement Is LIfe!!

Gut Reaction

I suppose the premise is that your gut instinct is often correct and that if people just follow through on what they believe to be the right choice, they will make the right choice. So it holds for standardized tests. Usually, your first answer is correct. Still, students vacillate to their detriment – overthinking until they make rushed choices they have now become unsure of, and then are forced to rush through the next set of questions causing a domino effect of bad choices.

Domino Effect

SATs Are Not Life

But the SATs are not life, right? The stakes are higher. How do you know you’ll make the right choice? “Luck favors the prepared, Darling!” Edna Mode and Nike have a point here. If you have prepared for the occasion, then just do it. In fact, do it now! Stop waiting for perfection – trust the process. Or, as Wayne Gretzky said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

So, is there a book you’ve wanted to write? Do it now!

Is there a job, career, or opportunity you’ve always wanted to pursue? Do it now!

Is there something you’ve been meaning to say to someone you love? Do it now!

Is there someplace you’ve wanted to go or an experience you’ve wanted to have? Do it now?

Maybe it’s some other move you’ve wanted to make. You’ve researched, planned, and worked out all the pros and cons – but just haven’t pushed ahead. Do it now!




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