Movement Is Life

Movement Is Life

Movement Is Life

Do you watch zombie movies, apocalyptic flix, old war movies, or even westerns? They all end up having the whole Movement Is Life mantra embedded somewhere in the dialogue. Whether the movement is traveling from one destination to the next, continuing through some difficult, life-threatening situation, or simply not stopping to rest in an exposed area – this mantra keeps people in the movies alive. It works in real life too.

Don't be stagnant

The Stagnant Pond

Standing still causes stagnation. When a body of water remains still, and there is no movement – things die, and bad things breed. Moving water is safer water. Cleaner water. Living water. In survivalist terms – you never drink from stagnant water – if you must drink unfiltered water in the wild – drink from a moving source because movement is life.

Do The Next Thing

Just Do The Next Thing

When I’m stuck and don’t know which direction to turn, I have my own Movement Is Life mantra; it’s just do the next thing. My mom used to tell me that when I was overwhelmed or struggling for direction. Just do the next thing, and I’d focus on whatever goal or step needed to be accomplished next. I did that this morning. I was feeling stuck. My daughter has been sick for months and the doctors are at a loss. I’ve been spending all my time researching – trying to find answers for her, taking her to one specialist after another and all I can think about is finding out what’s wrong. But I have a blog to maintain, two books I’m editing, attempting to get published, and I’m feeling stuck in the mud.

The Beginning

So I started From The Beginning

I opened my bible to Genesis 1:1 and began reading. I couldn’t think of what to say. I had no wisdom for the moment. I was at a loss and all I could think to do was start – movement is life after all. I read about Adam and Eve, Cain and Able, Seth, Enoch, Methuselah, and Noah,  I read about movement and life. And, I did the next thing on the list. The reading gave me inspiration. The inspiration helped me see the message for the day. After I read, I got a call. Then I got another. Two hard to get appointments came through at the last minute for tomorrow. I moved on them.

Start Again

Start Again

Then came the hiccup. I have no guarantee now of one of these appointments – but I’m going to move anyway and hope and pray that God will iron out the details. If it doesn’t work out – I’ll just start over dong the next thing because movement is life.

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