There’s Always Change At The Crossroads

Whenever you turn a corner in life, you have to undergo some change. Leaves always have the beautiful autumn colors you see at the change of seasons. The only reason you don’t see them throughout the spring and summer months is that the verdant chlorophyl overpowers the other colors. When the colder weather arrives, it causes a die-off of the chlorophyl, and that is what allows the array of beautiful colors to show. 

It’s incredible to think that such breathtaking beauty stays hidden for so long only to break out in a glorious display for a few short weeks or months before dying and falling to the ground. Each cycle fertilizes, warms and protects the soil for the next year’s growth. The same is true of our identity. 

Often there is some aspect of ourselves that seems to overpower the rest, but that in no way means that we do not have other, perhaps brilliant, parts of ourselves hidden in the shadow of our leaves. When we reach a crossroads in our life, we must often endure the die-off of something that we felt was a prominent part of who we were. The struggle comes when we try to hold onto what was without allowing what will be to shine through spectacularly. Even when we keep the same power lines from one turn to the next, the idea of losing some part of ourselves, a piece we perhaps identified as being “me” is frightening.  

The crossroads is critical. Despite how much you love the street you are on, the next leg of the journey may be even better than you ever imagined or thought possible. As much as I love watching the nearly fluorescent green of spring turning the vibrant green of summer, it doesn’t compare to the multitude of brilliant Autumn hues that brighten up the foliage this time of year. 

Change may be hard, some part of you may even die in the transformation, but the beauty that is waiting when you turn the corner is priceless.

2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away, behold all things have become new. 

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