when The Wings Are Gone

When The Wings Are Gone

When The Wings Are Gone

A while back, I began a post with this title. I never got very far – I drew a blank after the name. The paper-towel-covered plate containing only crumbs and a few oily marks left from the golden deliciousness of the wings which had formerly inhabited the space, compelled me. My son’s crestfallen reaction when he realized that all the wings were gone, made me feel like I was on to something. But, I was never quite able to put it into words.

Until Today

Over the weekend, I was blessed to be able to host my friends at a backyard barbecue. We’ve been friends now for 34 years, but are scattered around the US, and don’t see each other as often as we’d like. So, among other things, I made my wings. And once again, when the foil pan, heaped with wings was gone, there was the familiar disappointment. “I should have gotten more the last time.” “I didn’t want to take too many.” “Are they really all gone?” “I was hoping you didn’t see how many times I went back to get more.” When the wings are gone just seemed like a perfect metaphor for FOMO or Carpe Diem or maybe something else all rolled into one ball of ecstasy and anguish. I know that sounds dramatic, but bear with me.


Missing What?

How can you be afraid of missing out if you’ve already “had some” or “tried it?” Did a taste of something better ever leave you wanting more? Have you ever stuck your toe in the water only to let some insecurity prevent you from diving in? I’d say it feels worse to know what you’re missing than having  never had a taste to begin with. It’s the unrealized dream of the singer who gets a standing ovation at a local event, but is too afraid to try to make it on the big stage. It’s the person who dabbled in stocks, lost money early on and pulled out everything, only to see the stock skyrocket. Or maybe it’s the dream you started and shelved because it seemed impractical or unrealistic at the time.

Carpe Diem

The Right Time

The Bible repeats the idea of people doing things at the right time, In the fullness fo time, or when the time was right. And, because they did it at the right time – they were successful. They seized their opportunity regardless of what others thought. Whether it was the woman at the well, the woman with an issue of blood, Zaccheus, or the father of the sick child, they realized that their chance was now or never. They had seen or heard about what Jesus could do for them – they had a taste of His greatness, so they made their move and their lives were changed for the better.

Squandered Wealth

Don’t wait until all the wings are gone to get what you need. Seeing others take what was meant for you and just bite a piece out of the middle rather than enjoying every part down to the marrow of the bone, is what makes you feel like you’re missing out on something you already know is good. So don’t sit on that thing that you are compelled to do. Don’t wait until your time has passed. Too late comes too soon.

Isaiah 55:6 Seek the LORD while he may be found; call on him while he is near.

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