Breath of life

Breath Of Life (S.O.K Day 7)

Breath Of Life

Yesterday almost all the trees looked dead – just naked branches. A few had the faintest blush of green tips on them – fewer still had the signature spring green color of mature buds. But today, there are full, deep green leaves on at least half of them and the lovely yellowish-green of spring, mature buds on all the rest. It’s as if God breathed them into life overnight. Imagine that – the power of having the breath of life. To be able to simply breathe a whole world into existence.

Early Spring

Perfect Design

I’m always stunned that people can believe that this all happened by accident. I saw a cartoon a while back where an atheist is talking to God and tells Him – I don’t believe in you or that you created all this. It was the big bang. God responds, O.K., show me. So the atheist says, O.K., so let’s take a little bit of this cosmic dust and... God interrupts him then and says, Oh, but you can’t use that – I made it. Such a simple pronouncement, but so logical. How can this big bang happen if there is absolutely nothing to start with. And, if there is something to begin with – who made it? How can you see anything other than a perfect design when you look at the world?


Even The Rocks

The bible says that even the rocks will cry out the existence of God. I need only look at my children, the trees, the flowers, the birds, or the stars to see His handiwork. It’s hard to imagine a heaven more beautiful than what I’m looking at right now – the mountains, the sun sparkling off the river, the weeping willows and swaying trees, the chirping birds and sunshine warming my face. The gentle breeze and smell of lilac bushes make me feel incredibly blessed to worship a God who has the breath of life.

Salmon OKnowledge Day 7 verse

Psalm 33:6 By the word of the Lord were the heavens made – their starry host by the breath of His mouth.

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