A Woman’s Heart Locker

A Woman’s Heart Locker

Right around five every morning, I wake up. No alarm to speak of – except maybe a whimpering dog on occasion. This morning was no different. I woke up – fed the cats and dog, and let him out. Then, I went inside, grabbed a cup of coffee, sat on the back stoop, and enjoyed the salty breeze coming up from the water. It was relatively cool after such a sweltering week. The leaves fluttered, the grass blades waved, and I just sat – soaking it all in. A woman’s heart locker is where she holds onto her peace, her hopes and dreams, her secret sorrows and disappointments. Today mine was full.

A Mother's Heart Locker

Something About Mary

It was the story of Christ’s birth that came into my head at that moment. Not the birth itself, but a verse that has always touched me in a very real way. Luke 2: 19 But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. Before I had children, I assumed she was storing up pride and joy that all these shepherds were coming to see her child – the chosen one – the Messiah. As I grew older, I realized there were probably many more things Mary stored up in her heart. Probably the first thing was fear. If they knew and had come all this way, would there be others? Would those others be so well-intentioned? At least that’s what I’d be thinking. Mothers are fiercely protective. And something about Mary makes me think she was no different.

A Woman's Heart Locker

Best Left Unsaid

Many thoughts come to mind which are best left unsaid. Many have been boxed away for years. Some are thoughts of adventures, expectations, or dreams which will forever be unrealized. Many are treasured memories taken out, dusted off, and reveled in for peace, comfort, or remembrance. Still, others are thoughts that, even if true, would do nothing but hurt someone I love and, as they are not necessary to speak, stay locked away.

Something About Mary

The Grey Overtakes The Blond

As the grey overtakes the blond on my head, I find myself trying very hard to fill my heart locker with happy memories. Some of the painful ones I’ve pulled out and let go of. It was time. The disappointments too. Hold onto happy is my new motto, and I am determined to fill it to the brim. It may be mid-summer, but it’s never too late for a little spring cleaning of the soul. Go ahead. Try it. You may find you’ve cleared out tons of room for something beautiful. You may find that as you empty it – you feel lighter. As you fill it with joy – you feel lighter still.

Full heart

May your heart locker be filled to overflowing with happy memories, hopes, dreams, and precious moments.

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