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Uncomprehendable Peace

Uncomprehendable Peace

There have been so many times in my life when I had no idea how I would get out of a precarious situation. Times when I was at the last of my strength or on my last dime when I could see no way of moving forward. It has happened enough times that I have almost become accustomed to feeling like I was hanging by the end of my rope. But, an interesting thing happens when you get to a place where you have nowhere to go. Either you become so frazzled that you give up and fall, or you get calm – very calm.

At the end of my rope

Watch Out For The Quiet Ones!

My students would often note that I didn’t yell at them in class. They would say that they never needed to worry until I got quiet, very, very quiet. It almost seemed more disconcerting to them that I didn’t lose my cool. They understood when a teacher would flip out and yell at them. However, they did not understand the quiet calm of my aggravation. They would get nervous and quiet down until the room was silent. It was then that they knew that things were most precarious for them. If they didn’t quiet down – they were likely to get all the work assigned as homework or a quiz. It’s funny thinking back on it.

On the edge

The Quietness Of Peace

The reason I’m thinking about that is that when I have felt like I was going to lose it, explode, fall apart, or have everything crash down around me, God has given me peace. Sometimes I’ve prayed for it; other times, I haven’t. But the peace that comes from knowing that I am no longer in control, that only God can work it out, is amazing. It’s unlike any other peace there is. It’s so much deeper than quiet resignation – it’s an incomprehensible peace. Usually, I still have no clear vision of the path to choose, what comes next, or where I’m going, but I have peace. Nothing has changed. The struggles are all still there – but I have peace. I haven’t suddenly;y won the lottery and had all my expenses paid – I’m still in the exact same spot – and yet, there is peace. God’s peace transcends all understanding – it makes no sense to feel it – You just do because you know He is all-powerful and can take it.

Uncomprehenable Peace

40-Day Challenge: Reading

Romans 7-8

Philippians 4:7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

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