Thrive with Accountability

Thriving With Accountability


Have you ever wanted something really badly, but you knew it might be too hard to keep going?

What did you do to prepare yourself for the eventual pitfalls and muddy patches?

Did you go it alone?

Did you stumble and slog and sputter along by yourself?

Or did you ask for help?

Maybe get an accountability partner?


Partnering For Success

I’m a go it alone kind of person, which has made things unnecessarily harder than they needed to be. If you’ve read other posts of mine, you may have seen that I struggle with asking for help. It’s a definite flaw—one which I tried hard not to pass on to my children. Instead, I always encouraged them to ask for help. Fortunately, they are far more inclined to do so than I am. The reason I thought about this today is that I had an accountability partner meeting with fellow entrepreneurs.

When I was in seventh grade, my brother and I decided to go on a diet together. We weren’t accountability partners – but it helped to have someone else doing the same thing with me. It made the experience easier.

Accountability partner = success

Thriving With Accountability

So today, when I met with the other ladies in my group, I was excited. We were there to help each other on our journey. Simply knowing that other people are working, struggling, and striving with you, enables you to visualize your success. It’s almost as if it makes the project believable. Rather than limping along on my own – just trying to survive, I found that having accountability partners made me thrive during this process, and I am better for it.

What dreams and goals do you have? Who will you reach out to along the way to be your Samwise Gamgee? When we take the chance to partner up, we dramatically improve our ability to Thrive!

Proverbs 27:17 As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

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