Thriving in Hostile Terrain


Thrive Despite The Hostile Terrain

First of all, Who defines hostile terrain? I’ve fielded these types of questions from people for years. How can so and so be upset about ____? It’s not even that big of a deal? It seems crazy sometimes to think that people might be upset about or have difficulty dealing with a circumstance that we deal with regularly. But everyone has different levels of tolerance, and each of us is coming into life with our own experiences. Who am I to say what someone else can take? People interact with the circumstances of their lives based on their own past experiences. I haven’t lived through your struggles, and you haven’t lived through mine. But that’s ok because our God is bigger than all of our struggles.


God Wants Us To Thrive Despite Our Circumstances

I’m in the process of writing a book about Thriving in Hostile Terrain, and someone asked me about it today: “Not to put you on the spot, but there’s exactly that going on in Afghanistan right now. What’s your advice for thriving in that severe of a situation?”

My  response:

“Advice? Not sure if I’m one to give advice in situations I haven’t lived through – I can only offer what has sustained me in my times of tragedy and intense struggle. Romans 8:26 tells us that even when we don’t have the words to express our needs or terrible circumstances- the Holy Spirit intercedes on our behalf when he hears our groanings. A God that cares for the flowers of the field, the sparrows in the air, the hairs on our heads, and interprets our groans – clearly loves us and cares for even the smallest aspects of our lives. Because we live in a sinful world, we are not exempt from the consequences of that sin, but we can be assured that Christ will be with us in our grief.” 

What Do You Think?

What advice would you give in such terrible circumstances? I’d love to hear from you about your experiences. How has God helped you through the difficult times in your life? What has sustained you?


Romans 8:26 In the same way the Spirit [comes to us and] helps us in our weakness. We do not know what prayer to offer or how to offer it as we should, but the Spirit Himself [knows our need and at the right time] intercedes on our behalf with sighs and groanings too deep for words.

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