I saw this hashtag the other day and marveled at how cool it would be to be able to live my life #NoFilterNeeded. Even those of us who pride ourselves on being straightforward – filter.  Sometimes we filter emotions, sometimes beliefs, and sometimes our thoughts.

There are times when filters are fun. My kids and I get a kick out of using Snapchat filters to make our heads large or small, misshapen or with enormous mouths or eyes. We add glasses, berets, snowflakes or autumn leaves, sparkles, or whatever the newest filter is at the time – just for a laugh. The combination voice filters are a riot!

But it’s tempting. I look better with slightly bigger eyes, filter makeup, smooth, unwrinkled skin. I worry about my children – who aren’t so little anymore – living a life with unlimited access to filters. Are they tempted to always filter their appearance? Do they know that, while filters can be fun, the real them is so much better?

I am eternally grateful that there is one who sees us without the filters… and loves us anyway. In fact, He loves us better than anyone ever has or ever could. He sees right through any fronts we put up. He knows our hearts and our thoughts. And yet, because He created us, He thinks we are beautiful. There’s freedom in that.

That’s how I want to live… how I want my kids to live… confident and free #NoFilterNeeded.

“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8

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