Everybody Knows Your Name

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Called By Name

When I was a child or young teen, I remember being in a very crowded area quickly getting separated from my mom in the crush of people. I called out to her over and over, “Mom, Mom!” There were too many sounds, people, noises, others calling names. My voice got lost in the commotion. Desperate to get her attention, I finally yelled, “Máireád!” Her head swung around, eyes locked immediately with mine, and she pushed her way through the crowd to get to me. I had called her by her name.

He Knows My Name

It’s a nice feeling when you’re out and about, busy running errands or focused on your next “To Do” List item, to be interrupted by the sound of someone who knows and likes you calling your name. Whether it’s an old friend you haven’t seen in ten years at the supermarket or a friend;y acquaintance at Home Depot that recognizes you despite the mask, it’s lovely to be seen and acknowledged. Even better is realizing that despite whatever chaos is occurring in my life, He knows my name too.


It’s For You

One of the many pleasures of being born in the 70s is that I spent a good portion of my youth never knowing who was on the other end of a ringing phone. That may not sound like fun, and, to be honest, with the number of spam and telemarketers I get calling me these days, I’m thrilled to have caller ID to let me know which calls I can ignore. Hint: it’s most of them! But growing up, nothing was more exciting than hearing those three words; It’s for you.” An involuntary grin would accompany the instant rush of endorphins as I grabbed the plastic receiver while deftly collecting the coiled chord in the other hand, “Hello?” It was recognition that someone wanted me. Someone wanted to speak with me badly enough to call me at my home. They asked for me by name, and I never knew if adventure lay on the other end of the call.

Before Playdates

In the year 1979 or 1983 BP (Before Playdates), random children would show up, unannounced to the door, knock and ask, “Can Heather come out and play?” Even the little neighborhood girl who’d adopted me as her “big sister” would knock on the door and ask for me well into the 90s. There was something delightful about never knowing what the day would bring. Not knowing when someone would call to speak with me or show up at your door to ask me to join them in their fun left me in a constant state of readiness. The sense of urgency to finish my chores or homework or dinner “just in case” was exciting. I wonder what my life would be like if I had done that with God’s call. If I had stayed on my toes, always prepared, “just in case” He called my name, would I be somewhere else right now – doing something else right now?

called by your name

It’s Enough

I don’t know the answer to that. I tried to be ready for His calls, but If I’m totally honest, I never really thought about it the way I did with my friends. But, despite my missing the point – He didn’t forget me. So as I attempt to tackle the day ahead of me, I know that He can call me by name at any time, and that’s enough. He knows me and wants me. He knows my name. So when I’m frustrated or discouraged, He whispers some word of encouragement or hope. When I’m angry, He whispers peace. When I’m sad or lonely, He whispers love and comfort.

Don’t worry, He knows your name too. 

Isaiah 43:4 Since you are precious and honored in my sight, and because I love you, I will give people in exchange for you, nations in exchange for your life.

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