God is our refuge

God Is Our Refuge

God Is Our Refuge

I love storms. The crashing thunder, the crackling lightening, the lashing rain,and the howling wind. Sometimes I stand outside just to feel the power and marvel at the beautifully dangerous display. But, usually I’m on my porch. I’m protected, sheltered. Dry. It’s another thing entirely when the wind and rain are so bad that they snap the tarp lines, rip up the tent pegs and send gallons of water cascading down the side of our tent so ferociously that I have to stand in the corner holding up the roof so that the whole thing doesn’t cave in on us. It’s moments like that when I can appreciate that God is our refuge.

An ever present help in trouble

An Ever-Present Help In Trouble

That last part is key. It’s not enough that God is our refuge if his shelter isn’t always open. If a No Vacancy sign hangs in the window. If there’s no room at the inn. To really mean something – to actually be a friend in need, He must be available whenever I need Him – An ever-present help in trouble. He doesn’t vet us and then let us come to Him. There is no multi-tier system of assistance. He’s always there, door open, arms wide, ushering us in to His arms. I’m so glad I knocked.

Refuge and Strength

40-Day Challenge: Reading For The Day

Ezra 3

Psalm 46:1 God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.

Christ the solid rock

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