Pitching In

I read about a movement to make masks for local hospitals that are running out – they call it the “Masked Warriors Project.” Crafters in nearby counties are putting out a call to all sewers to make masks for health care workers on the front lines. This morning I saw a picture of nurses in a NY city hospital wearing plastic garbage bags because they have run out of protective gear. These are not the only examples of this type of thing beginning to happen all over the country right now. While encouraging and ingenious – these stories are also scary. But, they are not the scariest anecdotes I’ve heard.

The most terrifying news stories have been about government officials willing to trade the lives of the elderly to “save the economy;” the stories of young people saying they are disregarding calls for social distancing because they are too busy having fun; of selfish individuals on social media licking toilet seats, subway poles, and store shelves; of shoppers telling store clerks they have Corona and coughing on them on purpose; and, of political pundits and spokespersons playing partisan blame-games instead of calling for ALL Americans to dig deep, help each other, care for each other, and pitch in.

As a Christian, there is no more clear message in the bible than to take care of children, the poor, elderly and infirm. In fact, we are admonished to care for “the least of these” repeatedly throughout the New Testament. We are responsible for sharing each other’s burdens in order to be in harmony with the will of God.

Maybe you feel overwhelmed, maybe you feel hopeless – but do not feel powerless. We can all do little things to help. Every time you avoid groups of people; every time you meet online instead of in-person; make a donation to a local food bank or converted library box; call an elderly or at-risk friend to check up; donate blood; or, make a mask or a gown for someone in need – you are doing what we have all been called to do – share the load.

This challenge is bigger than political parties.

This challenge is bigger than our immediate gratification.

This challenge is bigger than figuring who did things right or wrong – early or late.

But, this challenge is NOT too big for us, as a people, to come together as a nation and share each other’s burdens.

Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. Galatians 6:2 



  1. I totally agree. I’m horrified by the cavalier, and sometimes malicious, attitude some people have toward the situation. Luckily, I’ve also been comforted by all the people who are making an effort to help and support one another. I hope you stay safe and well.

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