Painting In Color: TEA 2

As you know, I love tea. If you don’t, you can read all about it here: 

Walking my dog on a brisk November day, I marveled at the beauty of the colors I was seeing. Beginning to pray, I thanked God for every beautiful color I saw, each leaf, and tree, each berry, and the sky.  I was dealing with some difficult problems and had gone on the walk to clear my head, but as I continued to walk, my heart was filled with thankfulness. Surely the trees, the leaves, the water nor the wind would solve my problems, but They sure made me appreciate the day. I am so thankful that God created such a wonderful world for me to live in. It isn’t dull; it isn’t drab; it’s bursting with color, live, excitement. The wind whipped whitecaps in the waves as I walked and whispered comfort and strength to my soul. When I look at how gloriously God clothes and decorates the world, I am reassured of His provision for me. 

Give Thanks for Everything Always! T.E.A.


  1. I am overwhelmed reading these words. Just a couple of days ago, I had my own TEA epiphany after yet another migraine and depression episode. Delirious in between waves of pain, I looked at a particular past event that always brought me down to my knees and I was finally able to see through it instead of getting stuck and not seeing why it happened the way it did. It’s when I realized how grateful I am to have finally come out of it’s trap and seen the light! And yes I love the other tea too. Can’t live without it! It’s the first thing I see every morning and my mug knows all of my dreams like no person does!

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