Want Candles With That?

Do You Want Candles With That?

Do You Want Candles With That?

Do you want candles with that?” My husband asked after peering at the keto cake mix and icing I’d bought to celebrate my birthday. “Not all of them,” I replied, “It’d be an inferno!” Then, chuckling, memories flooded my mind.


Mom’s Birthday Cake

Mom was turning 40 something, and we wanted to get her a cake. I don’t remember where we found the money, but I know it wasn’t a lot. We had enough for an Entenmann’s cake and an assortment of birthday candles from the corner store.

The most difficult job was attempting to find room for all forty-some-odd candles. Some had to be placed sticking out of the sides. It was definitely looking more like a bonfire set up than a birthday cake. We kept watch out the kitchen window when we knew she would be walking down the path after work and frantically began trying to light the candles without getting burned in the process.

The keys jingled in the mailbox, then at the door. By the time she walked in, and we yelled “Surprise!” the cake was a tower of flames. Mom rushed to the table to blow out the candles choking on soot and laughter. When all the flames were out, what remained was a solid wax helmet covering her cake. She laughed until she cried. Peeking through the multicolored wax, I seem to remember that the cake was yellow and had white icing with coconut flakes on top.

Melted Candles

Bake A Bigger Cake

Sometimes the love we are attempting to paint with our hearts is too big for the canvas. This time, our love overflowed with waxy frosting goodness. Sometimes I feel like I’m too much for others: too loud, too energetic, too determined, too intense, too me. But it occurred to me that I just need a bigger canvas on which to paint my love – my life.

Never remove your candles from the cake of life. Never worry that your flames will be too big – too bright. If you are afraid of not having enough room – bake a bigger cake! Everyone should have the pleasure of knowing you, seeing you, and experiencing all you have to offer. Make room for more candles this year.

God bless & keep thriving!

Colossians 3:23-24 ESVĀ Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.

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