Got You Covered

Got You Covered

Got You Covered

You know that feeling when someone pays the bill for you? Or when someone goes ahead and includes your purchases when they go to checkout? It’s a relief, a flush of gratefulness, and often accompanied by an exclamation of the “You don’t have to do that!” type. But, has someone ever volunteered to pay after you suddenly realized that you didn’t have the funds to pay? That is another thing entirely. So, while we are grateful, we are also confronted with the reality that we would be in trouble if it were not for the person paying for us.


Jesus Covered It All

That is the position we are all in. We can’t pay the price required. The debt we have run up began so long ago and continued to accrue each day of our lives. We are bankrupt. The penalty is death. Like paying off the minimum balance of a predatory credit card, the debt keeps ballooning. We are out of luck. Fortunately, we don’t need luck. Nor do we need money to pay the debt. It has been paid for us already. In fact, no matter how big a tab we run-up, it’s already been paid. Jesus got me covered.

40-Day Challenge: Day 30 Reading

Acts 26

Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

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