Vouch For Me

Vouch For Me

Vouch For Me: A Good Reference

“References furnished upon request.” It’s the line at the end of our resumes. The last question of the interview. Sometimes it’s our introduction at the party or the entré for a blind date. What do other people say about you? Will someone vouch for you? Perhaps you have been asked to be someone’s reference. I know I have. As a teacher, I have had the unfortunate experience of having a student ask, “Vouch for me.” Only to have to tell them that while I liked them very much as people, they weren’t the best students. They should find a different reference. A good reference must be honest.

A Good Reference

The Responsibility Of Reference

When I was a teenager, my brother had a “friend” – I wasn’t a fan. This friend, let’s call him Notafan, was a shmoozey, used car salesman kind of guy, and he made me uneasy. My brother would call Notafan every morning before school to wake him up in time to get to class. They maintained their “friendship” for several years until Notafan applied for a job with my brother’s former employer. Notafan got the job because he told them my brother would vouch for him – he lied. Notafan was soon fired from the job, and my brother knew nothing about the incident until he stopped by months or years later to rent some tools. They were still angry. Not only did Notafan lose the job – but he also ruined the trust and relationship between the people at that job and my brother for good.


A Reference Is Only As Good As The Referer

If your reference does not have intimate knowledge of how you perform in the specific area inquired about – they are not a good reference. This principle prompts employers to stipulate that no family members or friends may serve as references. You need someone who knows what you’re about.  You need someone who can speak confidently on your behalf. You need someone who knows the weight and value of their word. If Jesus vouches for me to His father – I’m good. Let Him vouch for you too.

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John 5

Romans 3:23 For all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God.

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