Children, Picnic, Black Girl Magic

For My Children

For My Children

Connotation. Re-education

Words matter. Language counts.

Do not let them make you believe that all things Black are bad.

Even if so much of our vocabulary surrounding darkness makes you feel uneasy.







Black should not be scary; black is beautiful; black is rich; black is health, not death.

Maybe you’ve forgotten…

The darkest room provides the deepest sleep

The blackest berries produce the sweetest juice

Rich, black soil creates the best nutrition for growth

Blacklight shows what is often hidden

Black garments are elegant, sophisticated, classy

Black-belts are the best at what they do

The blackest night skies allow you to see the most stars

Black licorice heals

Black Beauty was incredible; The Black Stallion was the fastest

Black cats bring prosperity in Scotland and good luck in Brittain and Japan

Blackbirds beautify the sky

Black kings, Queens, Traders, Philosophers & Teachers enriched the world.

Black is excellence.

Children, Picnic, Black Girl Magic

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