Silent Night

I love the silence of a snowy night, where the only sound is the muted drops of flakes on the ground. It’s cozy, and warm and reminds me of my childhood. There was wonder surrounding snowfalls, the beauty of the changing landscape, gently blanketed by millions of unique flakes. Even better was when the Christmas lights were still up and the yellow sparkles created a fairly-like paradise. It was at times like this that Mom would read to me books like The Tomten and The Clown of God or recite poetry she had committed to memory like An Old Woman Of The Roads.

The quiet is breathtaking. The lights are warm. I long to pull my feet up under me, wrap myself in a warm fuzzy blanket and sit by the fire.

I hope you too can take advantage of some quiet peace wrapped in a blanket this holiday season. Write it on your schedule. Pencil it in on the calendar. Set an alarm on your phone. Take a break from the hustle and bustle to sit and feel and appreciate the beauty of a snowy evening.

Season’s Greetings.


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