Take Time To Look Back

I spoke to someone the other day, and he mentioned the importance of looking back I thought it was funny because most people will tell you not to look back – just ahead., but I agreed with him. Far too often we get so focused on where we’re going that we forget how far we’ve come.

Periodically, my husband and I take stock of not just where we are going, but also what we have been through up to this point. It’s a vital exercise for so many reasons – the first being our mental health. When you are going through a difficult time, it’s so important to recognize the curves, hills, and valleys you’ve already conquered. It also allows you to see the shady patches along with the sunshine.

The other reason looking back is helpful is because when you’ve been pushing hard for what might seem like an eternity without any progress, you may find that you have actually moved – just so slowly you didn’t notice. Looking back gives you the opportunity to tally up jumps and slides.

In this Chutes and Ladders life, it’s easy only to remember the struggle of the ladders followed by the heart-breaking chutes. What you might have missed is that, despite the setbacks, you have progressed on the board.

Here’s to appreciating not just what’s to come, but what we’ve come through.



  1. I love this! I agree that it’s important to look back. Whenever I feel like I haven’t made progress, it always helps me when I look back to see how far I’ve come. Looking back also gives up an opportunity to weigh out what’s working and what’s not. Great post ☺️

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