Never Let Anyone Block Your Light

Entering new situations is fraught with difficulties. It’s comforting when you find someone who appears to be looking out for you, perhaps offering a word of advice here and there. Unfortunately, sometimes that person is really offering advice to better position themselves in front of the sun.

When that happens, I’ve found myself struggling with a myriad of emotions: betrayal, frustration, anger, and, regretfully sometimes, thoughts of revenge. It’s at those times I really have to rely on God to take away my bitterness. I remind myself to not forget who I am because of the actions of those around me. I have to be me and do what I believe regardless of recognition or “shine.” More often than not, the clouds blocking my son are blown away the first time the wind picks up, but I have remained where I was all along.

In fact, I think God allows clouds in our lives to test us. As the saying goes, “Adversity doesn’t build character; it reveals it.” If we allow¬†the transient clouds in our lives to change who we are or move our moral compass so that we find ourselves doing something we would not have considered when the light was on us, our problem is a lot bigger than someone else getting a few of the rays intended for us.

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