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      Welcome to the Thriving Community Forum!

      Community Forum

      We follow a few rules here.
      1. This is a safe place - we show kindness first. Before you post - ask yourself: Is it true, is it necessary, is it kind? While it's possible to ask for forgiveness and be forgiven, words spoken are seldom forgotten after they're said. I bet we all remember some word spoken in a moment that stayed a lifetime.
      2. Even experts sometimes don't know what to do. So when you offer suggestions - please remember that these may have worked for you and others you know, but they may not work for everyone. That's ok.
      3. The purpose of this space is to offer insight into How to Thrive in Life Instead of Just Surviving Life. To that end - posts should fit into that category - whether you are looking for help with a particular situation or offering help - it should maintain that focus.
      4. No spam: Do not post any unrelated content or spam your messages across multiple threads.
      5. Stay on topic: Create a general chat thread for any off-topic conversation.
      6. No promotional links: Do not come here to simply post your links. If you do, you will be warned and the link will be removed. Consistent link posting with the clear and obvious goal of link clicks will result in a ban.
      Let's THRIVE together! Thrive Forum
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